Stockists & Wholesale


Find a Terra Cottage Beads stockist near you!

Corner Cottage in Dexter, MO
Currently Chic Boutique in Van Buren, MO
Farmhouse Style in Waynesville, OH
Finch & Co. in Hewitt, NJ
French Creek Farmhouse in Snohomish, WA
Garden House Vintage Market in Kalamazoo, MI
Gathered Roots in Fortville, IN
Jutts Creek Willow at Blacklion in Charlotte, NC
Locally Grown Botique in Jasper, GA
Lona Grace Vintage/Vintage Vibe in Arlington, TX
Mattie's Makings in Visalia, CA
Moose Meadow Boutique in Hamilton, MT
The Cozy Nest in Greenville, OH & Richmond, IN
Tin Gypsy in Fallbrook, CA

Do you own a storefront, online boutique, or any other retail establishment and wish to carry Terra Cottage Beads?

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